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Anapa at the mapRussia has a lot to offer especially when we are talking about lovely and exciting destinations where you can enjoy yourself and relax. Anapa is a marvelous Russian town at the Black Sea Coast.  Over a million people come here for recreation every year. The best way to arrange a trip is to call us and get the latest first-hand data. It is you Anapa is waiting for!

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Anapa is the most populated resort in Russian Black Sea Coast. It sits at the northern eastern tip of the Krasnodar region (Kuban), the most southwestern region of the Russian Federation, bordered by the neighboring Stavropol Region to the east, the Black Sea to the west and the Sea of Azov and the Rostov Region to the north.


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About the Resort Town of Anapa: 
Resort Anapa consists of the Town of Anapa and neighboring villages.
Population: 75,000 in the Town of Anapa; and 75,000 in the nearest villages
Area: 839,1 sq. km: 37,1 sq. km – the Town of Anapa, 802 sq. km – the district of Anapa;
Region: Russian Federation, Krasnodar
Time Zone: Standard Moscow Time, GMT/UTC plus 3 hours

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Why Anapa?


The archeology museum of AnapaThe Region’s history is really unique. There is no place of more interest from the viewpoint of historical and cognitive tourism.  Anapa is one of the oldest towns in Russia. Its age is over 2500 years. Scythes lived here, as well as ancient Greeks, and Romans, and Vikings, and Rousses, and Genoa’s dwellers, and Turks. The colony of ancient Greeks here in Anapa several times exceeded the famous Troy discovered by the German archeologist Schliemann. Many of the ancient Greek myths (about the Amazons, Heracles, Prometheus, Hades, Argonauts) are connected with Anapa. The North of the Black Sea Region is the fore-motherland of Russians. We believe it, and anyone who has visited the steppes of Taman even once will agree to it too. Those who nailed the shield to the gate of Tsargrad were born here, and those conquerors who took long crusades, and those who protected the Motherland from the enemy and united the peoples by force but with good intentions. 


Wonderful sand beachesAnapa is situated at the place where the steppes of Taman meet the foreland of the Great Caucasus and the Black Sea. Variety of landscapes, flora and fauna make recreation in Anapa interesting even if you come here ten and more years successively. Thanks to this phenomenon you will find only in Anapa such wonderful sand beaches that cannot be found in any other city of the Russian coast from Novorossiysk to Adler, nor in the Crimea (or any other region in Europe). Modern highly developed infrastructure (the airport of Anapa, its bus station, railway station and sea passenger station) make Anapa the heart of the region. Being on vacation in Anapa you can go for an excursion or by car to the Taman Peninsular, The Sea of Azov, the Crimea, the cities of Gelendjik and Sochi.

The beginning of the Great CaucasusThe location of Anapa preconditions the unique mixture of dry climate of steppes, the Mediterranean climate and mountain climate (the beginning of the Great Caucasus).  Anapa is the most sunny sea resort in Russia. Dryness of its climate makes good to your health. Those resorts situated to the south of Anapa (Gelendjik, Tuapse, Sochi, Adler) have more humid and less sunny climate. Water temperature in Anapa is not lower than in other cities of the Black Sea Coast.


Climate, beaches, mineral water springs, peloids and other have made Anapa justly famous as the All-Russia’s recreation place. Over hundred therapeutic institutions of various profiles with modern equipment are opened here all around the year. 


Wine industry

The town of Anapa is the capital of Kuban wine industryThe North Caucasus is the motherland of Wine industry. The North - Eastern coast of the Black Sea (Kuban) represents one of the best  places in the  world for growing vine for wines. The town of Anapa is the capital of Kuban wine industry. Vine has spread around the world from here. It was local vineyard specialists who taught Greeks, and they in their own turn taught other peoples in Europe, to make wine. Our tradition of wine industry (it is often called the Adygea’s one or the Abkhazia’s one) is the oldest and the richest one. Quite new and unknown culture of  wine  making was  formed  in the territory of modern Krasnodar region. Of course it is  based on  general rules  of wine  making and ancient traditions of local vinedressers. At  the same time  most of the  local wine plants use technologies designed by Soviet  scientists. This makes the local wines  unique liquids  which can be tasted only during the visit to Kuban wine plants.



Location: Russia, Krasnodar Region, Resort Anapa

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Размещение на курорте Анапа:

Пионерский проспект (песчаный пляж)

Санатории и пансионаты с лечением на Пионерском проспекте:

Кристалл, санаторий

Ласточка, пансионат

Мечта, санаторий

Парус, санаторий

Родник, санаторий

Россиянка, санаторий

Урал, пансионат

Пансионаты и отели на Пионерском проспекте:

Агат, отель

Анапа-Лазурная, пансионат

Анапа-Нептун, пансионат

Анапские зори, пансиона

Ателика Гранд Прибой, отель

Белый пляж, отель

Валенсия, отель

Гранд Круиз, отель

Джемете, пансионат

Дженифер, отель

Кристалл, пансионат

Одиссея, пансионат

Ривьера, 4* клубный SPA-отель

Рябинушка, пансионат

Селена, пансионат

Солнечный берег, пансионат

Соловей, пансионат

Фея-1, пансионат

Фея-2, пансионат

Фея-3, пансионат

Южный парус, пансионат

Базы отдыха на Пионерском проспекте:

Веста, база отдыха

Афалина, база отдыха

Дельфин, база отдыха

Витязево (песчаный пляж)

Санатории и пансионаты с лечением в Витязево:

Бригантина, пансионат

Пансионаты и отели в Витязево

Бавария, отель

Валентина, отель

ДельКон, пансионат

Меридиан, отель

Фаворит, отель

Анапа (песчаный пляж и галечный пляж)

Санатории и пансионаты с лечением в Анапе:

Анапа, санаторий

Анапа-Океан, санаторий

ДиЛУЧ, санаторий

Малая Бухта, санаторий

Мотылек, санаторий

Надежда, санаторий

Старинная Анапа, санаторий

Черное море, пансионат

Пансионаты и отели в Анапе:

Альбатрос, отель

Алые паруса, отель

Анапчанка, пансионат

Ардо, отель

Боспор, отель

Высокий Берег, пансионат

Де Ла Мапа, пансионат

Дуэт, отель

Испанский дворик, отель

Континент, отель

Евразия, отель

Застава, пансионат

Максимус, отель

Рузанна, гостиница

Сукко (галечный пляж)

Смена, федеральный детский центр

Отели и пансионаты в Сукко

Дельмонт, гостевой комплекс

Калифорния, отель

Шингари, пансионат

Благовещенская (песчаный пляж)

Кассандра, пансионат

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